Sue Elwen Homeopathy and Reiki in Harrogate

About Sue

I am a professional Homeopath and Reiki Master Teacher practising in Harrogate, North Yorkshire.

I was introduced to homeopathy and Reiki as a patient in 2000 during a time of trauma and emotional stress. I was amazed at the subtle effect of the therapies - although my external circumstances hadn't changed I was much better able to cope with them and I felt much much better in myself. In fact it opened up a whole new way of seeing things for me. Since then my whole family has used homeopathy - even my father who is a retired engineer and thought it all very suspicious. The scientist in him is honest enough to observe that hey - this works! 

One of my daughters suffered from terrible earaches when she was little and I remember taking her to the doctors screaming her head off. We were shown straight to the consulting room and were then allowed straight to the front of the queue at the chemist's. Unfortunately it still took a while for the anitbiotics to kick in. When I was studying homeopathy the same thing happened in the middle of the night - my daughter woke up screaming with pain. This time I was prepared - I gave her one dose of a homeopathic remedy (in her case it was Belladonna) and she stopped screaming,turned over and went to sleep. Using homeopathy with children is fantastic because they react so quickly.

I love the way that Reiki and homeopathy can be used side by side to enhance each other’s effect. A few years ago my husband broke his elbow badly and was told that he would never be able to straighten his arm again. He took remedies to help the bone heal and to sort out the accompanying bruising, sprains and shock and had regular Reiki treatments. His arm was back to normal in record time and his consultant was extremely surprised!  

As for myself, homeopathy and Reiki allowed me to avoid a trip to the hospital for a nasty procedure last year for which I am extremely grateful!

As I hope you can see, I love these therapies and I want as many people to know about them as possible, because they are simple, powerful and gentle. I  am also particularly interested in using the newer homeopathic remedies to support personal development.

I have a background in technical writing and worked for many years as a technical author in a software company in Germany. Before that I taught English as a foreign language. I speak German fluently and do occasional translation work (das Gespräch kann gern auf Deutsch geführt werden!). In my free time I enjoy yoga and music.

I am registered and insured with the Society of Homeopaths, the largest organisation registering professional homeopaths in Europe. I practise in accordance with the Society of Homeopaths' Code of Ethics and Practice.