Reiki healing in Harrogate


Reiki is a touch healing therapy which is deeply relaxing.

The meaning of the word Reiki is:

Reiki healing in Harrogate from a Reiki Master
  • Rei - Universal energy outside all living things
  • Ki - Life force energy inside all living things

Reiki energy flows into the patient and gently balances the body. Blocks in the natural flow of energy around the body can lead to discomfort or disease and Reiki helps to dissolve these.

Reiki can be used to ease many conditions on the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual levels. For example, sometimes physical or emotional trauma can get 'stuck' in a person's energy field leading to symptoms long after the event - people often say things like 'I haven't been right since that car accident/divorce/operation'. Reiki can find the trauma and work towards gently releasing it. 

Reiki is useful in the management of stress and pain and for conditions such as insomnia and anxiety.

Because it is so gentle, Reiki is also very useful in palliative care or in other situations where someone is in great pain. The person can sit or lie in whatever position is most comfortable and I can give them Reiki without even having to touch them. Reiki is so soothing and relaxing that it really promotes a sense of well-being. It also boosts the immune system by clearing the energy field and supporting detoxification. Reiki is effective for everyone from babies and pregnant women to the very old.

The original system of Reiki healing was developed by Dr Mikao Usui (1865 - 1926) in Japan.

What Can I expect during a Reiki Treatment?

Reiki Master in Harrogate offers Reiki healing

After an initial chat to discuss what you want treatment for, I will invite you to lie, fully-clothed, on a treatment couch and make sure you feel warm and comfortable (you can remain seated if this is better for you).

During the treatment I will gently put my hands in positions either on or just above the body which will direct the Reiki energy into your head, major organs, endocrine system and major energy centres (chakras). All you have to do is relax and enjoy.

Some people see colours during treatments, some just go to sleep. Nearly everyone feels heat coming from my hands and a sense of deep relaxation. Whatever you experience is perfect for you.

I can offer a guided meditation during the beginning of the treatment to help you relax more quickly.

After the treatment you are offered a glass of water and are advised to take it easy for a while.

Reiki healing in Harrogate

Three Treatments

Having treatments every day over three consecutive days can be a very powerful way of receiving Reiki. The energy is able to move deeper and deeper each day so that the healing becomes stronger.